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Magnetic Aura is combination of two elements, Magnetic and Aura, Most people have heard about using magnets to treat the symptoms of arthritis and joint pain, but not many people are aware of the extremely wide range of ailments magnets can help with. In this section we will be discussing the numerous conditions that can be successfully treated with magnets and how to treat each individual ailment with the most appropriate magnetic device

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What is Aura, Aura is an energy.

We have to understand that the universe and everything in it, including us, is made up of the same energy that was created at the very beginning. No more was created sinc e then, and none is destroyed - it just changes form to become you and everything around you. Being a part of that universe, we can learn to tap its energy, Magnetic Aura is proven to enhance your energy.

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Kami di Magnetic Aura menjemput orang perseorangan, Farmasi,Toko Jamu, Spa, Salon, Pusat Urutan, Pengamal Perubatan Alternatif, Koperasi, Tabung Kebajikan dan sesiapa sahaja yang berminat untuk menjadi agen pemasaran produk Magnetic Aura samada secara online ataupun trading.

Suka untuk kami menarik perhatian Tuan/Puan produk berkualiti Magnetic Aura telah pun mendapat tempat di kalangan pengguna seluruh Malaysia ,Brunei dan Singapura .Harganya berpatutan dan sangat mudah dijual. Testimoni pengguna dan demonstrasi keberkesanan produk menjadi asas kekuatan produk magnetic aura. Di Semenanjung, promosi berterusan di Radio Ikim, Akhbar Metro, Sinar, Harakah, radio radio negeri lebih 5000 telah manjadi ahli dan 400 menjadi pengedar.

Pihak kami juga sedia memaparkan nombor Hp serta premis anda di Iklan2 kami yang akan datang bagi memudahkan pelanggan mendapatkan produk. Produk Magnetic Aura berdaftar di bawah Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia Dan berdaftar dengan Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM).

Magnetic Aura is a remarkable magnetic therapy product formulated in the United Kingdom. This product is safe for use as it only contains high quality natural ingredients manufactured under stringent quality procedure. Magnetic Aura is a complementary therapy treatment, drug-free, non-invasive health product and totally safe to use alongside prescribed medications.
Magnetic Aura helps balancing positive and negative charges in your body hence improving blood circulation and stimulating oxygen and nutrients to body cells. The stimulation of blood circulation also carries away damaged or toxic materials causing pain. This process not only helps relief discomfort but also speed up recovery and improves health in general.

Magnetic therapy has been used by many people around the globe and across the centuries. It is also popular among health professionals such as doctors, physiotherapist, veterinas, etc.

Championing magnetic therapy, Magnetic Aura has many successful stories from its large customer base in Asia. As a provider of a complimentary non-drugs treatment we have documented phenomenal feedback from people who have experience improvement, pain relief or recovery in the following adverse conditions:

Muscular pain and stiffness including arthritis and sciatica.
Backache, pain, stiffness and tenderness of muscles, tendons and joints
Numbness on feet and hands
Kidney, stomach and menstrual dysfunctions
Acne, eczema, migraine, insomnia and hair loss
Diabetes and high blood pressure
Magnetic Aura has also helped many people to reduce cigarettes addictions, improve vitality and enhance sex lives, increase stamina for individuals doing physical labour and active activities such as sports, gardening as well as individuals with busy and demanding lifestyles.

Try and experience the difference….

Sun Flower Oil
Magnetic Water (Formulated In United Kingdom)
Alcohol Free Perfume

Apply with gentle massage on pulse points around wrists, below ears, under the feet, twice a day.
It is also recommended to apply Magnetic Aura sparingly on the hair to growth of grey hair and on the scalp to repair hair roots.
Magnetic Aura can be applied under your glass, cup or mineral water bottle for drinking.
Magnetic Aura can be used as massage oil.
Keep Magnetic Aura in your pocket to help you stay energetic all day.
From our marketing demonstrations, in terms of improving your energy level, it works almost instantaneously. Some of our customers experience the positive effect within hours. However, the majority of people feel relief and improving health within 2-3 weeks, a much smaller number found relief within 2-4 months.

Although it is not common, approximately 1 in 50 will experience ‘healing crisis’ when using Magnetic Aura for the first time. This includes drowsiness, headache and nausea. If you experience these side effects, please stop using Magnetic Aura but we advise you to just carry it in your pocket to slowly achieve balance. You may continue using this product again after a few days. If any of the side effects become serious please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Magnetic Aura is completely safe EXCEPT for:

Expectant mother
Children under the age of 2 YEAR OLD
Individuals using pacemakers, defibrillator, insulin pump or transdermal drug delivery patches or any similar implanted electro-medical device.
Do not apply on open wound / broken skin
While under clinical examination using electronic facilities
Individual with serious allergies
Magnetic Aura is a complementary therapy treatment, please continue with your prescribed medication even though your heath has improved unless on doctor’s advice.

Magnetic Aura
Magnetic Aura 是英国替代医药界的专家所采用的一种磁化治疗方式Magnetic Aura 是一种保健品,不但可以自动对病人产生积极的疗效,同时也能明显地改善他们的健康情况。

Magnetic Aura 是生产自高优质的天然草药,可以安全服用。


Magnetic Aura

Magnetic Aura是英国替代医药界的专家所采用的一种磁化治疗方式。

Magnetic Aura是一种保健品,不但可以自动对病人产生积极的疗效,同时也能明显地改进他们的健康情况。

良好的血液循环系统可以使体内的细胞充分吸收氧气和营养素。Magnetic Aura 治疗可以平衡体内的阴性和阳性负荷,进而协助改善血液循环系统。

Magnetic Aura是生产自高优质的天然草药,可以安全服用。




价格 : RM29.90 (马来西亚半岛), RM35.00 (沙巴及砂拉越)

Magnetic Aura 的成分:
磁化水 (英国方程式)、 挑选自高素质的草药精华、橄榄油和不含酒精的香水。

Magnetic Aura 治疗法的功能医治以下的病痛 :
· 偏头痛 ( 头疼的一种)
· 关节疼痛
· 血液循环问题
· 压力
· 失眠
· 静脉窦
· 瘫痪/中风
· 高血压
· 痛风
· 头昏眼花
· 糖尿病
· 骨质疏松症
· 疲劳
· 肾结石
· 戒烟

Magnetic Aura 治疗法
良好的血液循环系统可以使我们身体内的细胞充分吸收氧气和营养素。Magnetic Aura 治疗可以平衡体内的阴性和阳性负荷,进而协助改善血液循环系统。

· 预防血液浓度增加和结成快,以及心脏动脉硬化。
· 预防结晶以及医治肾结石和肾的问题。
· 改善身体的免疫力,协助促进抗老的功能。
· 协助白血球加强身体免疫系统。
· 协助预防肾脏衰退。
· 减少患上肠胃问题和溃疡的风险。
· 以磁化水漱口,可以预防齿龈疾病。

如何使用 Magnetic Aura?
· 擦在需要的身体表层部位。
· 擦在茶杯或玻璃杯底下,然后把水喝下。
· 随时携带在衣袋里,以便经常备用保持活力。

· 孕妇.
· 1岁以下的婴孩
· 伤口长期不能愈合以及内部流血。
· 使用电池支持器的心脏病患者。

来自梳邦再也的伊布拉欣先生患有偏头痛好多年,他在手腕和颈部擦上一些 Magnetic Aura 产品,几天后,他的偏头痛完全治愈。

来自布特拉再也的宗教司聂克也是一名传统医师。他同意, Magnetic Aura 产品非常有疗效。前往他的医疗及按摩中心求医的病人当中,有许多对这个产品感到满意,因为他们身上的疼痛消失,同时不再感到麻木。

来自莎阿南的宗教司旺.阿兹米说: “ 我在手腕和颈项背部擦少许的 Magnetic Aura 之后,我在考试中有很好的表现,因为我可以非常集中精神,而且更能够好好思考。”

来自柔佛州的阿都拉说: “ 自从擦用Magnetic Aura 产品后,我的血压已经降低,这是医生证实的。”.

来自 Pantai Dalam 朱尔说: “ 我现在睡眠很好,每天早上醒来感到很有精神。我在工作时不再打瞌睡。我也不再面对大小便的问题。我身上的一切疼痛也已经消失。”

来自吉隆坡的阿南先生说: “ 我现在拜访亲戚时,都会带这个产品给他们,我觉得这很有意义,因为我可以和他们分享经历,这个产品使我恢复10年前的健康。”

来自浮罗交怡的阿兹占先生在胸部擦用Magnetic Aura 产品一个月后,已经成功的戒除吸烟。

如何获得 Magnetic Aura 产品?








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